Running Windows 11 in VMware Fusion

I've been seeing lots of people trying to run Windows 11 in the virtual space. I wanted to do the same thing to test out the new OS so wanted to document the steps for anyone else wanting to do the same.  Note, Windows 11 have unique requirements than previous versions of Windows, so there's a few steps you will need to manually do to prep the Fusion VM to run it.   System Requirements First, create a new virtual machine in Fusion. When it asks for the ISO file provide the Windows 11 ISO. Next, choose Microsoft Windows, and the Windows 10 x64 Leave the default set to UEFI, and choose Continue On the last screen, choose Customize Settings Now pick a location to save the VM When you get to the settings screen, we'll need to make 3 changes 1. Enable Encryption  You'll be asked to set an encryption password. Please store this somewhere safe. You can also check the Remember Password to store this password in your Keychain Access as well. If you don't remember it, you'

What I Use

I thought I would put this post here more as a way for me to keep a running list of what I have and what I’m using.  This is by no means a complete list, but I’ll update it over time in an attempt to get it there. Computers I have 2 main computers that I use.   My desktop computer is an Apple iMac 27-Inch "Core i9" 3.6 (5K, 2020; 5700/XT) . It has one 3.6GHz processor with 10 cores and has been upgraded to 72GB of RAM. It has a 512GB SSD. I also have the  Apple Thunderbolt Display 27-Inch  display as a second monitor for it. Having two 27″ monitors for screen real estate is extremely nice and I couldn’t imagine not having this now. My laptop is an  Apple MacBook Air "M1" 8 CPU/7 GPU 13" . It comes with a M1 processor and 8GB of RAM and 7 Core GPU.  It also has 256GB SSD. Peripherals On my desktop, I use the Apple Magic Keyboard. For mouse, I use the Logitech MX Master 3 for Mac. I also use the Apple Magic Trackpad. On my Macbook Air, I find the trackpad that’s

Spring Camping 2021

Another spring has come and is quickly going. With that comes spring camping.  We normally go in April but due to the crazy schedules and things happening, we ended up having to squeeze it in at the beginning of May. Luckily, the weather turned out to be fantastic, with 60s in the day and 40s at night which allowed daytime shorts but nighttime coolness that really helped the sleep situation.  Here's a few pictures attached of the event in no particular order.  Photos All the pictures from the trip can be found  here