What I Use

I thought I would put this post here more as a way for me to keep a running list of what I have and what I’m using.  This is by no means a complete list, but I’ll update it over time in an attempt to get it there.


I have 2 main computers that I use.  

My desktop computer is an Apple iMac 27-Inch "Core i9" 3.6 (5K, 2020; 5700/XT). It has one 3.6GHz processor with 10 cores and has been upgraded to 72GB of RAM. It has a 512GB SSD. I also have the Apple Thunderbolt Display 27-Inch display as a second monitor for it. Having two 27″ monitors for screen real estate is extremely nice and I couldn’t imagine not having this now.

My laptop is an Apple MacBook Air "M1" 8 CPU/7 GPU 13". It comes with a M1 processor and 8GB of RAM and 7 Core GPU.  It also has 256GB SSD.


On my desktop, I use the Apple Magic Keyboard. For mouse, I use the Logitech MX Master 3 for Mac. I also use the Apple Magic Trackpad.

On my Macbook Air, I find the trackpad that’s built in to be the best option for mouse control due to all of the gestures and extras it offers.  On the off chance that a mouse would server a better use, I have the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000. It uses the bluetrack technology which seems to do a really good job at tracking as you would expect it to. And the battery life on this thing is great.


I currently use an Apple iPhone 13 Pro 128GB in Sierra Blue. I have found iOS to be very stable and reliable in the years that I’ve been using it.


I have a space gray Apple iPad Pro (2018) in 256GB with Verizon cellular.  The iPad had become my right hand man so to speak as I would have it with me everywhere I go. I find the extra screen real estate compared to the iPhone worth the extra weight and bulk of the iPad. I use it for just about everything not involving work related tasks, just due to the nature of the work. 

I also have and use an Apple iPad mini 5th generation for content consumption and casual usage. The size of it is great which makes it much more portable than the 11-inch one.


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