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Oct 16

Guitars with vibrato and trem systems

By Marvin Garrett | Guitars

If you are a player that likes to have a vibrato or a tremolo system, you know that you need this for making those loud and screaming sounds that make the audience go wild. These guitars are known to be better than those with a fixed bridge regarding functionality, but there is a price for owning a vibrato or a tremolo system. The tuning problems will appear as soon as you press the whammy bar. The thing is, you need to understand how the vibrato or tremolo system works. Some manufacturers use this term interchangeably, but the real name is vibrato bar.

The pros of owning a vibrato or tremolo guitar

The main advantage is that you can use it to create those whacky tones and pitches that will create that wow effect. When they first appeared, vibrato bars where used to create a simple vibrato effect to change the pitch in the tuning. When the music started to evolve, musicians wanted to use the bar more aggressively, and it became clear that when you use the bar to its maximum, you can have some magnificent tones that are cool. Some of the best rock players used this bar to its maximum, and they have created harmonics and tones that were simply mind-blowing.

The cons of a vibrato or tremolo bar

The main downside is the tuning problem. Once you hit that bar, you will start to have tuning problems. If you use it too much, you will have more problems. There are two ways to set the vibrato or tremolo system. If you want to use the bar for regular playing like bending and small vibrato usage, you should tune the string, move it upward from the body and repeat until you are in tune. Keep in mind that you will only be able to use the bar with a little touch. If you use it too much or press it down too much, you will go out of tune.


The second option is to tune the pitch and put the vibrato or tremolo bar all the way down. Tune, push down and tune again until you are in perfect pitch. This setup will give you those dive bombs and crazy sounds, but if you bend even a little, you will go out of tune. Choose the option you want.