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Oct 16

Things you should know about the fixed bridge guitars

By Marvin Garrett | Guitars

If you are a musician that has a fixed bridge guitar, you know that they are the classic types of guitars and among the very first electric guitars to be produced. We will talk about the pros and cons of these guitars, but the most important aspect will be the tuning stability. It is considered to be the problem that is number one. If you have the right strings and pickups, the only thing that will bother you is the angle of the neck and the bridge. Guitars that have angled necks are known to be better with tuning. You could do your research on this subject.

Pros of a fixed bridge

If you have a fixed bridge, then you know that you will have better tuning stability than the people who have guitars with vibratos and tremolo bars. There is a trick to stay perfectly in tune with a fixed bridge guitar. The advice is to tune the string and stretch upward. The tune will lower. Repeat the procedure until you have no loss in tune. This is the best way to keep your fixed bridge guitar in tune. You can do even hard bends, and your guitar will stay perfectly in tune. Guitars with fixed bridges are known to be good in tune, but with this trick, you will stay in perfect tune always.

The cons of a fixed bridge

If you are a guitar player that likes to play normal riffs and solos and you like to bend a lot, then this will be an ok guitar for you. But if you like to use a tremolo or a vibrato bar when you play and make some crying and wild sound, you should consider another guitar. The fixed bridge doesn’t have the technical possibility to produce the vibrato tones or other tones that you can create with this piece of equipment. So if you are a guitar player that doesn’t have to create those hard core tones, you will be ok with a fixed bridge. If you want to make some wild screaming sounds, you will have a problem.